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London Lash Temporary Tattoos Are A New Trend!

Are you scared of getting a tattoo? Or maybe you are not sure if the design will suit you? Choose one of our hottest lash tattoos! You can have a new tattoo every day, without a painful procedure in a tattoo studio! ;) Choose from different designs such as: lash guru, lash queen, eyes, lashes, hearts and more!

A must have for all lash artists and lash addicts!

How to apply?

1. Skin must be completely clean and dry.

2. Cut out the design of your choice and remove the transparent cover.

3. Place a tattoo face down on the skin.

4. Rub back of the tattoo firmly with a damp cloth or sponge for about 10-20 seconds.

5. Gently lift the corner of the tattoo to check if it is transferring. If it has transferred, gently peel off paper. If not, press down and wet again.

6. After removing the paper, wait a few minutes before gently washing with water. Pat dry the tattoo.

7. If treater carefully your tattoo will last for several days.

8. To remove use cold cream or baby oil. Rubbing with alcohol will removed the tattoo instantly.