Looking to achieve that perfect lash glue micro-drop on you lash palette for perfect glue usage? Look no further!

This cute Glue tile made of glass allows you to take the perfect micro-drop lash glue each time! Just shake your lash glue very well and fill the first heart with your perfect little glue micro-drop. Remember to take a fresh micro-drop every 15-20 minutes depending on the glue you are working with and the climate in you lashroom. 

This Glue Tile is easy to clean as well! 
After you finish lashing cure alle the glue hearts with a drop of Super Bonder, than take a wooden stick and just push the polymeered glue drop out of the heart or you can just place it in hot-boiling water and the glue will let loose of the glass tile/palette

Advice: Desinfect your glass tile before each use
Available in Transparant & Baby Pink color