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This festive party season is the PERFECT excuse for glitter lashes! 😍


 See below our top tips for working with glitter 🤩✨ 

• Pour a small amount of biodegradable glitter (our glitter is from Amazon 💫) into a glass dappen dish.

• Create a fan and dip the tips of the fan into the adhesive before dipping into the glitter! REMEMBER keep the glitter close to your adhesive, the further away the glitter is from your adhesive, the more opportunity the glue has to start curing and the glitter may not stick to the lash 

• To finish make sure you tap off the excess glitter from the fan - you don’t want your attachment to be messy when it comes to applying the fans to your clients NL! 

TOP TIP: Always use clear adhesive to guarantee the most sparkle! We recommend our ‘Crystal Bond Adhesive’ 

Do YOU like glitter lashes? Let us know in the comments👇