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Tips from our Canadian Trainer @mariia.londonlashpro 🇨🇦 💡 

Did you know that the way you apply eyelash extensions will affect the final look of the Set? Pretty obvious, right? well… easier said, than done...

1. If the eyelash extension is to be applied on the top layer, it is better to go from underneath the natural lash 

2. Middle and bottom layer should have extensions applied from the side or on the top! 👀

3. Lashes in the inner corner are easier to work with, if you apply extensions from the side. 😱

4. Always use shorter lashes on the outer corner of the eye 

5. For more density and darkness, on the top layer apply extensions one size shorter than middle or bottom

6. It is much easier to work with stronger curls such as D, CC, M if you apply them from the bottom or from the side 💪

7. Stretch the skin in the inner corner towards the centre of the eye, to access the smallest lashes 🔍

8. When styling a “Cat Eye” 😽, start from the outer corner and finish with inner, this way extensions will have direction towards the ear 👂 

9. “Kitty”🐱 or “Squirrel” 🐿 always looks better when extensions applied under 90 degrees angle to the surface of an eyelid 📐

10. Apply lashes 1-2mm shorter when working with baby lash, as they are in the phase of active growth 👶

Do you have some other tips to share? Comment below! 👇👇